You must follow this guidelines & terms and Conditions of the rental of MOTORENT, lda for all our rentals.

The renter received the vehicle in good order and condition.

Minimum rental period is one day (24hours). If the vehicle is not returned on the time agreed, the client will be required to pay extra hours.

Helmets are supplied with the rental vehicle and in case of loss, damage, theft destruction; the client is responsible for its substitution.

Motorent, lda is entitled shorten the period of rental at its and to demand the return of the vehicle.

The vehicle should not be used:
in motor sports events;
by any person under the influence of alcohol and drugs;
for the transport of merchandise which violates customs regulations or for many other illegal purposes;
on the beach or in other locations not fit for its use;
failure to observe this will leave the client liable for repairs and maintenance costs.

Renter shall always lock the vehicle.

Renter expressly acknowledges personal liability and pays to Motorent, lda, on demand:
a) The charges for the period of rental and other standard charges;
b) All fines and court costs for any road offences;
c) Motorent, lda costs which incur when collecting outstanding claims from the renter;
d) Motorent, lda costs of repairs of damages caused by accident within the framework of the insurance protection agreed upon.

The hire of the vehicle terminates on the day stipulated by the client. If the client wishes to extend the rental period, he must obtain previous authorization at least 24 hours before the expiry of the rental period.

The insurance of the vehicle is public liability and property damage against the third party.
The damages in the vehicle are client´s responsibility. The client will pay the damages over the value of deposit. Insurance against steal is not included. This responsibility can be eliminated thought the payment of an extra insurance (CDW) being the deposit value from the client´s Responsibility. In case of accident renter will do the following:
a) Find out names and addresses of parties involved and of witnesses;
b) Not admit guilt or liability;
c) Not leave the vehicle having taken adequate protective measures;
d) Call the Motorent, lda station even in case of slight damage and to give a detailed report, including diagrams to Motorent, lda.
e) Notify the police immediately if another party´s guilt has to be ascertained or people are injured.

In the event of a breakdown the client is required to contact our office which will give the authorizations for repairs or the means available for repairs to be done.

The minimum age for a driver is 18, and proof must be given of this. The driver is held responsible for any false information given to Motorent, lda.

Use of vehicle is limited to the Algarve region.

Renter is responsible for the driver named by him being at least 18 years old and holding a valid driving license for the vehicle in question.

It is expressly forbidden to infringe the speed counter or any vehicle organ and in case of trespassing this, the client is obligated to pay to Motorent, lda the price of 30 days of rent (according to the price-list in force of that vehicle) without prejudicial proceedings by fraudulent use.

The rental of the motorbikes include 200 Km per day. For each extra km, the client must pay 0,15€.

In case of deterioration, loss, working defect of any of the tires or mechanic organs owing to strange reasons, the client is liable for payment of the respective repair cost.

This agreement is construed in accordance with the country where this agreement is signed and that both parties agree to submit themselves to the court of the city of Portimão.